Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Learning Of Life Lessons

Tennessee Williams once said that that “Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going."

The True lessons of life can only be learned by living your life knowingly. Do you ever realize that you are living either in past or in future. You are not living in the present moment. You allow fears; memories and other obstructions get in your way. Your challenge in life is to accept that you are a part of the Divine, align yourself with it and become more integrated with it. When you align your mind and develop your love to coincide with your higher self and with God not only do you become healthy and happy but your whole consciousness grows as well.

In order to learn fully you need to first be awake and in the present. You should take life and the challenges posed by it as they come. You, should, therefore, be willing to take on authentic and meaningful challenges. By doing this you gain experience, knowledge and beliefs about your true self and your abilities.

Our souls learn and grow through many incarnations and become more loving, wise and conscious until they grow beyond the need to reincarnate. It is not necessary for us to know what our souls are here to do but it is for us to learn to trust that our soul is guided by our spirit that is guided by God. It is through the vast array of experiences of planet Earth, through many lifetimes that our souls learn to be rid of fear and grow more loving and wise; closer to our true divine nature.

Here your Life Path takes precedence over other indicators of Life. Life Path becomes more and more important as it is able to highlight the lessons and pursuits that are most rewarding to you. 

Sometimes your life lessons require a level of compassion for yourself and others. In addition, some of our lessons can be distressing. The Prayer to be peaceful may help you to find some peace with yourself and the lessons that you learn. Appreciating your Life Path is a process which comprises living purposefully, faithfully and whole hearted attempt to pursue the life you keenly desire.

Whether you realise it or not, every time you think, say or do something negative it causes you pain. You will feel that pain, whether or not you realise that it is a consequence of that particular thought, word or deed. You also feel an immediate effect since it lowers your energy in some way and it also may have a negative effect outside you – on something or someone else. You may consciously learn through experience that these things cause us pain - you learn that lies escalate and that malicious thoughts just deplete you and that violence causes suffering.

You should therefore, live your life through your life path i.e. seek activities that you love. The very purpose of life is to learn, and learning from our committed mistakes can really help you grow. You should learn from your past rather than living in the past. Desist as much as possible from negative thoughts, negative acts, lies and violence.

Your Life Path number can help you to be more aware of the particular lessons that you may face within your life.

Anitta Sharma is a renowned Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Past Life Regression Expert, and a Spiritual Healer. She has over the years through her numerological readings helped hundreds of clients worldwide making their life prosperous, peaceful. Anitta has been blessed with the ability to read names, date of birth and decipher the hidden messages behind past/current events.