Sunday, 25 May 2014

Name & Numerology

Every day millions of babies are born on earth. They sooner or later undergo the initiation process of receiving a name. It was earlier thought that some societies of people were so "primitive" and unorganized that they didn't use names. We now know that the earlier thought was not correct and that the idea came about because research fieldworkers were not able to get inside the minds of the people well enough to understand the customs and taboos that required that names be kept secret from strangers. The truth is that names are a part of every culture and that they are of enormous importance both to the people who receive names and to the societies that give them. 

As per astrology numerology regardless of when, why, or how often it happens, though, the giving and receiving of a name is an event of major importance in one’s life. 

Numerological readings do clarify that there is something mystifying and delicate about names. A name is not merely a tag or a sticker. It is much more than that. When a name is pronounced it invokes a vibration, an image. 

One of the most important aspect of personality is affected by names is self-concept. Self-concept develops as children develop, and it is "learned" from the verbal and non-verbal messages significant people in children's lives send them. Parents are the most important message-senders, but, as children mature the messages of teachers, classmates, and other people all contribute to their developing concepts of self. In a sense, self-concept works as a kind of script for the way people act. Numerology reading indicate that person's name has an impact on the process of building a self-concept because the name helps determine the messages other people send the child. 

A name is a thought, a notion. A name can have a powerful impact. As a matter of fact it can mean difference between success and failure. If one notices Writers are excellent dreamers at naming their characters. 

As per numerological readings the original name does evidently reflect the talents, strengths, weaknesses, unique character traits, and so forth of the individual. It is a matter of fact that the original name cannot be changed. As the birth has passed and one has been named. Similarly the date of birth represents the momentum of one’s life; the path one walks, the cycles, the timing of events and influences, the direction of one’s life. The date of birth of an individual cannot be changed either.

As per astrology numerology you as a gentleman or a woman already have a name. It has been really hard to find a way to either improve upon the present name or go for a new name altogether. It is, however, relatively easy to improve upon the present name. Do not get astonished to note that the result of a name change can be dramatic.

Positive and correct name change can help you introduce yourself confidently and assert as to how you feel about yourself; perception of your own potentials and short-comings. When one introduces oneself one not only labels oneself but create an impression good or bad. There is more to it. With correct improving upon of the name you influence your own world, environment and your friends and foes. This influence is positive to the quality of your life, your ability to tap into your true potential. 

As per astrological readings people after the correct name change in the original name at birth do get changed positively. Rightly so, as the corrected name is in complete harmony of the vibrations of the date of birth helping him to walk the right path, be successful at peace and happy.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lessons of Life in Numerology

We all know that Numerology is the study of numbers. Your Date of Birth is by no means an accident. It is in a way a very well executed cosmic plan. In numerological reading the sum of numbers of your birth date and values derived from your name endows us with interrelation of vibrations. These evidently indicate about character, purpose and traits of one’s life. 

Numerology readings also indicate the lessons need to be learned by you as per your date of birth. The Life Path Number sometimes also called as the ruling no. can easily be computed from the date of birth. This truly reflects the real purpose of incarnation and does affect everything from our preferences as well as our complete path of life. 

The Life Path is the Major Lesson to be learned in this life, the Central focus of a person’s existence. The Life Path is at the heart of the core. 

In Numerological reading we try and understand the world in terms of re-incarnation. Simply stated, reincarnation explains that the soul returns to earth in physical form again and again, each time to concentrate on a specific lesson. When the soul has absorbed all the lessons, it no longer needs to return to earth, but can move on to a higher plane. The specific lesson, determined by the soul prior to assuming physical form, is the Life Path. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the Life Path is still the central focus of the life.

In numerology readings the Life Path also called the Birth force, Birth path or Destiny determines other related matters. Astrology numerology explains the prospects available in order to learn the major lesson, as well as the environment - the people and places – in which these prospects are likely to be found. Some of a person’s attitudes and characteristics are determined by the Life Path, for these traits are prescribed as an aid to the study of the main lesson. 

In numerological reading you visualize the Life Path as a broad channel or highway running through all the possible activities a person may encounter in a lifetime. The route holds the environment and all the opportunities for the study at hand. The channel is extremely broad. 

In astrology numerology people with the same Life Path may have different approaches to pursuing their study, but the channel is wide enough to accommodate all. As long as a person stays on the course, he will be contributing the maximum to his own growth and development. Most people wander out of the channel from time to time; some people have difficulty finding the channel and others may choose to head off in some other direction. 

A good numerologist can offer help to you in not only guiding you to learn the right lessons you have incarnated for but also as to how to achieve the same.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Numerology and Its Benefits

It is possible that you may not be have heard the term Numerology as there are many people, who are unfamiliar to the term. It is a primordial study of numbers for determining the features of the people of all respect. It has been in practice since distant past but not very popular. The numerology readings have not gained any preference from the masses or different communities, and had to undergo numerous difficult tests of time. 

However, of late, the sensations of numerological reading were understood by the people and consequently the subject has gained popularity. Other factors responsible for its gaining popularity are the young minds interest in the subject as well as the hectic modern lifestyle and the highly unpredictable nature of life. 

Numerology has been defined as the study of numbers as the figures designating the year of one's birth to determine their influence on one's life, future etc. So, numerology is basically numbers that has the capability to influence our life. It can also be defined as the mystical science that deals with the study of relationship between the numbers and their resultant effect on the person’s life.

Most of the people often have overwhelming craving to know the future. Few of the most popular techniques of future predicting are based on few assumptions that the planets do influence individual human beings. The planetary position at the specific time of birth determines the character and behavior of the individual.

Numerology readings as a science uses numbers as the basis to find answers to know human behaviors. Therefore, it is also called as one of the predictive sciences. There are nine planets which have greater influence on a person’s life. Each of the same has been allotted a particular number. The moment a person is born, he is governed by a certain planets which are principal and secondary. Immediately thereafter the person starts radiating the vibrations of that number or the planets by which he is governed. The structure, philosophy, thoughts, ambitions, health, career etc., are all affected by the number he is governed with. The human characteristics and numbers are naturally as well as inherently bonded together. 

It is often believed that nothing in our life happens by chance. All events positive or negative in the life are predetermined. The numerological reading scientifically helps in getting a fairly good idea of our destiny. There are many benefits of numerology. Some of the most significant benefits are (a) ability to know one’s strengths and weaknesses, (b) Health prospects, and how to gain good health, (c) Career Selection and growth prospects, (d) Gauging compatibility with life/business partner, (e) Harmony of name and date of birth can bring prosperity, success and peace in life, (f) Wealth prospects and how to be wealthy (g) achieving excellence in personal and professional life. 

All of us are governed with some principal and secondary numbers. You would be able to appreciate the art of numerology if you give some consideration to your inclination for some numbers over others. This inclination or indifference is because of the impact of personality of numbers one is governed with. Numbers therefore, easily reveals one’s character and personality and helps in understanding the real inner being. It also helps in expanding your spiritual awareness. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Learning Of Life Lessons

Tennessee Williams once said that that “Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going."

The True lessons of life can only be learned by living your life knowingly. Do you ever realize that you are living either in past or in future. You are not living in the present moment. You allow fears; memories and other obstructions get in your way. Your challenge in life is to accept that you are a part of the Divine, align yourself with it and become more integrated with it. When you align your mind and develop your love to coincide with your higher self and with God not only do you become healthy and happy but your whole consciousness grows as well.

In order to learn fully you need to first be awake and in the present. You should take life and the challenges posed by it as they come. You, should, therefore, be willing to take on authentic and meaningful challenges. By doing this you gain experience, knowledge and beliefs about your true self and your abilities.

Our souls learn and grow through many incarnations and become more loving, wise and conscious until they grow beyond the need to reincarnate. It is not necessary for us to know what our souls are here to do but it is for us to learn to trust that our soul is guided by our spirit that is guided by God. It is through the vast array of experiences of planet Earth, through many lifetimes that our souls learn to be rid of fear and grow more loving and wise; closer to our true divine nature.

Here your Life Path takes precedence over other indicators of Life. Life Path becomes more and more important as it is able to highlight the lessons and pursuits that are most rewarding to you. 

Sometimes your life lessons require a level of compassion for yourself and others. In addition, some of our lessons can be distressing. The Prayer to be peaceful may help you to find some peace with yourself and the lessons that you learn. Appreciating your Life Path is a process which comprises living purposefully, faithfully and whole hearted attempt to pursue the life you keenly desire.

Whether you realise it or not, every time you think, say or do something negative it causes you pain. You will feel that pain, whether or not you realise that it is a consequence of that particular thought, word or deed. You also feel an immediate effect since it lowers your energy in some way and it also may have a negative effect outside you – on something or someone else. You may consciously learn through experience that these things cause us pain - you learn that lies escalate and that malicious thoughts just deplete you and that violence causes suffering.

You should therefore, live your life through your life path i.e. seek activities that you love. The very purpose of life is to learn, and learning from our committed mistakes can really help you grow. You should learn from your past rather than living in the past. Desist as much as possible from negative thoughts, negative acts, lies and violence.

Your Life Path number can help you to be more aware of the particular lessons that you may face within your life.

Anitta Sharma is a renowned Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Past Life Regression Expert, and a Spiritual Healer. She has over the years through her numerological readings helped hundreds of clients worldwide making their life prosperous, peaceful. Anitta has been blessed with the ability to read names, date of birth and decipher the hidden messages behind past/current events.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Numerology and Relationship

RELATIONSHIPS are the most powerful way we have available to get to know, develop and evolve ourselves in life. These often lead us to where we are today and helped to create foundations of strength, confidence and clarity which gave birth the desire necessary for us to attract to us the relationship our Soul desires.

There is a well known saying, all masks dissolve automatically to uncover the wonders within if one knows his way with numbers. Numerology has emerged as one of the most forceful dynamics and made its presence felt in the society in making one’s life focused, successful, and peaceful. 

No one can deny the influence of Numbers on one’s life. IN modern numerological terminology, arithmancy" is a form of divination based on assigning numerical value to a word or phrase. The word arithmancy is derived from the Greek arithmos which means numbers and manteia that means divination. In other words Arithmancy can easily be termed as the art of predicting the future with the help of numbers.

Numerology has been in practice for thousands of years and is found in most ancient cultures of the world. Numerology can be used to uncover qualities and rudiments of a person’s character, personality, the evident and concealed competences, good and bad sides of a human soul, one's virtues and flaws, one's likes and dislikes, the person's driving force in life, the suitable love partners and friends.

Evidently this can also be used to define relationship compatibility with the life partner. We must understand that all numbers are not friendly or unfriendly with each other as each one has different characteristics. 

Marriage compatibility is one of the most important issues which can easily and with a certain degree of conviction be addressed with the help of Numerology. This goes without saying that one should always seek guidance of competent numerologist who can really help in explaining an understanding of both partners nature based on numbers as well as determining the relationship compatibility especially with the existing and would-be life partner. The use of the science of numerology can really help in not only assessing the compatibility but increasing the chances substantially of meeting a right would-be partner. 

As far as the existing relationship is concerned numerology is no doubt helpful in gaining an insight into the odds of relationships and to address the difficulties being faced. 

Anitta Sharma is a renowned Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Past Life Regression Expert, and a Spiritual Healer. She has over the years through her numerological readings helped hundreds of clients worldwide making their life prosperous, peaceful. Anitta has been blessed with the ability to read names, date of birth and decipher the hidden messages behind past/current events. 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Life Path Number 22 Master Number Numerology

Life Path 22 is for the ones born under the most dominant and potentially most successful of all life path numbers. 22 are called the Master Builders as they have the amazing qualities to accomplish more than many privileged people in life. They also command plenty of respect by others as they are able to achieve so much with so modest effort. They as a matter of fact face two extreme ends of life. On one end 22 are master builders i.e. capable of setting and achieving anything they like in their life. On the other they, may slip into obscurity and despair feeling overwhelmed because of the belief that they cannot come out of their sink hole. 

22s are visionaries with their feet on the ground. In case they are able to put together their rousing vision and their natural tendency of level-headedness and sensibleness they can do wonders. They are inherently good at business and politics. They are absolutely at ease to understand large institutions and have the capability to think on international scale. You are talented with very good common sense. You are also pretty proficient in evaluating the possibilities of success of any idea on the basis of practicality as you comprehend very well the limitations of ideas. 

You have a huge dream driving you to achieve all that you are capable of. In any relationship you are a dependable, reliable partner, able to maintain your balance, always provide good advice and unfailing emotional support. You are always grounded i.e. your feet are always on the ground and do not normally suffer from low and high emotions. You prefer to appear traditional. Your weakest trait is that you lack faith in ability of others which in a way forces you to control and sometimes manipulate people/situations. Therefore challenge of 22 is to take everybody along and allow others to make their contributions.

You have a very high ambition. You aim to make something so big which changes the history and have indelible mark on this earth. There is absolutely no limit to what you are capable of. As you are blessed with mammoth potential you can really achieve whatever you desire. However, for achieving great success you should be able to understand your powers and make use of the same judiciously and be committed to your goal. There is a strong possibility that you may not take the risks 22 presents and be at ease with limited achievements. This may result in disappointments irritation for not being able to do something big. 

However, in spite of the fact that they have to face number of challenges to achieve something really big it is the master number's duty to somehow give a wholehearted attempt to change the world for the better which is a reward in itself. 

Famous master number 22s include Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Bryan Adams, Marie Curie, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey. 

Many of the famous and rich celebrities ruled by either master number 11 or 22 had to face great hardships before getting recognition and achievements.

Anitta Sharma is a renowned Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Past Life Regression Expert, and a Spiritual Healer. She has over the years through her numerological readings helped hundreds of clients worldwide making their life prosperous, peaceful. Anitta has been blessed with the ability to read names, date of birth and decipher the hidden messages behind past/current events.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spiritual Meaning of Master Number 11

In Numerology 11 is considered to be the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents enlightenment, nervousness, timidity, and impracticality. It is a dreamer. This master number represents all the characteristics of 2 and signifies magnetism, motivation, Managerial and leadership qualities.

11 is a number that moves on razor sharp edge between prominence and self ruin. It can grow from strength to strength if it accepts with full understanding its intuitive powers and spiritual truths. The stronger vibrations of number 11 direct him to help cure, heal and give unconditional love to everyone like a soul mate. The weaker side of 11 makes him self-centred, giving full attention to himself. Few of 11 become addicted and obsessed, trying to run after the past or emotionally unavailable person throwing away their huge capabilities and achieving nothing. 

As life path 11 one posses excessive energy, potential and intuition which is generally not properly understood early in life. As one grows he realises that he is a nucleus of lot of energy flowing through him. The powerhouse of energy enables to easily get hold of out of the box thinking, different ideas, without much effort. The towering intuitive powers can effortlessly connect with the higher consciousness through which psychic information may flow. This in turn may endows one with great competence for new inventions. History is full of Artists, Prophets and Religious leaders and many other famous personalities of the world who were 11 as master number in their numeroscope. Therefore, 11s are blessed with a specific role to play in their life. As they tend to become self-centred they must strive hard to get rid of this tendency to get extraordinary success in life as well as evolve their soul. The success normally garlands them in their middle age. Till the date of achieving full maturity one should be extremely careful about inner development. As you become aware of your astonishing intuitive powers and spiritual growth you can easily safeguard yourself from confusion, misdirection, emotional turmoil and/or depression. Because of your extra sensitive nature, you become vulnerable to stress which may even lead to breakdown of nervous system. 

Generally 11 Expressions have difficult early days which ideally make middle age full of uncertainty and helplessness. You are very selective about your friends and careful about sharing your feelings with others. You are inclined to daydream more than anybody else. You also tend to live in a imaginative world of yours and find it real hard to separate it from reality. You need to regain your primordial strength, be grounded and live in reality way out of your fantasy world. This certainly would help you draw out-of-the-world ideas, intuitions, and even psychic information which would be in tune with your being powerful channel for higher vibrations. 

A balanced 11 is one of its own kind and remarkable of all people. 

Famous master number 11's including Bill Clinton, Jackie Kennedy, and Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Michael Jordan, Prince Charles, Richard Burton, Robert Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Rose Kennedy.

Anitta Sharma is a renowned Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Past Life Regression Expert, and a Spiritual Healer. She has over the years through her numerological readings helped hundreds of clients worldwide making their life prosperous, peaceful. Anitta has been blessed with the ability to read names, date of birth and decipher the hidden messages behind past/current events.