Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Numerology and Its Benefits

It is possible that you may not be have heard the term Numerology as there are many people, who are unfamiliar to the term. It is a primordial study of numbers for determining the features of the people of all respect. It has been in practice since distant past but not very popular. The numerology readings have not gained any preference from the masses or different communities, and had to undergo numerous difficult tests of time. 

However, of late, the sensations of numerological reading were understood by the people and consequently the subject has gained popularity. Other factors responsible for its gaining popularity are the young minds interest in the subject as well as the hectic modern lifestyle and the highly unpredictable nature of life. 

Numerology has been defined as the study of numbers as the figures designating the year of one's birth to determine their influence on one's life, future etc. So, numerology is basically numbers that has the capability to influence our life. It can also be defined as the mystical science that deals with the study of relationship between the numbers and their resultant effect on the person’s life.

Most of the people often have overwhelming craving to know the future. Few of the most popular techniques of future predicting are based on few assumptions that the planets do influence individual human beings. The planetary position at the specific time of birth determines the character and behavior of the individual.

Numerology readings as a science uses numbers as the basis to find answers to know human behaviors. Therefore, it is also called as one of the predictive sciences. There are nine planets which have greater influence on a person’s life. Each of the same has been allotted a particular number. The moment a person is born, he is governed by a certain planets which are principal and secondary. Immediately thereafter the person starts radiating the vibrations of that number or the planets by which he is governed. The structure, philosophy, thoughts, ambitions, health, career etc., are all affected by the number he is governed with. The human characteristics and numbers are naturally as well as inherently bonded together. 

It is often believed that nothing in our life happens by chance. All events positive or negative in the life are predetermined. The numerological reading scientifically helps in getting a fairly good idea of our destiny. There are many benefits of numerology. Some of the most significant benefits are (a) ability to know one’s strengths and weaknesses, (b) Health prospects, and how to gain good health, (c) Career Selection and growth prospects, (d) Gauging compatibility with life/business partner, (e) Harmony of name and date of birth can bring prosperity, success and peace in life, (f) Wealth prospects and how to be wealthy (g) achieving excellence in personal and professional life. 

All of us are governed with some principal and secondary numbers. You would be able to appreciate the art of numerology if you give some consideration to your inclination for some numbers over others. This inclination or indifference is because of the impact of personality of numbers one is governed with. Numbers therefore, easily reveals one’s character and personality and helps in understanding the real inner being. It also helps in expanding your spiritual awareness.