Sunday, 25 May 2014

Name & Numerology

Every day millions of babies are born on earth. They sooner or later undergo the initiation process of receiving a name. It was earlier thought that some societies of people were so "primitive" and unorganized that they didn't use names. We now know that the earlier thought was not correct and that the idea came about because research fieldworkers were not able to get inside the minds of the people well enough to understand the customs and taboos that required that names be kept secret from strangers. The truth is that names are a part of every culture and that they are of enormous importance both to the people who receive names and to the societies that give them. 

As per astrology numerology regardless of when, why, or how often it happens, though, the giving and receiving of a name is an event of major importance in one’s life. 

Numerological readings do clarify that there is something mystifying and delicate about names. A name is not merely a tag or a sticker. It is much more than that. When a name is pronounced it invokes a vibration, an image. 

One of the most important aspect of personality is affected by names is self-concept. Self-concept develops as children develop, and it is "learned" from the verbal and non-verbal messages significant people in children's lives send them. Parents are the most important message-senders, but, as children mature the messages of teachers, classmates, and other people all contribute to their developing concepts of self. In a sense, self-concept works as a kind of script for the way people act. Numerology reading indicate that person's name has an impact on the process of building a self-concept because the name helps determine the messages other people send the child. 

A name is a thought, a notion. A name can have a powerful impact. As a matter of fact it can mean difference between success and failure. If one notices Writers are excellent dreamers at naming their characters. 

As per numerological readings the original name does evidently reflect the talents, strengths, weaknesses, unique character traits, and so forth of the individual. It is a matter of fact that the original name cannot be changed. As the birth has passed and one has been named. Similarly the date of birth represents the momentum of one’s life; the path one walks, the cycles, the timing of events and influences, the direction of one’s life. The date of birth of an individual cannot be changed either.

As per astrology numerology you as a gentleman or a woman already have a name. It has been really hard to find a way to either improve upon the present name or go for a new name altogether. It is, however, relatively easy to improve upon the present name. Do not get astonished to note that the result of a name change can be dramatic.

Positive and correct name change can help you introduce yourself confidently and assert as to how you feel about yourself; perception of your own potentials and short-comings. When one introduces oneself one not only labels oneself but create an impression good or bad. There is more to it. With correct improving upon of the name you influence your own world, environment and your friends and foes. This influence is positive to the quality of your life, your ability to tap into your true potential. 

As per astrological readings people after the correct name change in the original name at birth do get changed positively. Rightly so, as the corrected name is in complete harmony of the vibrations of the date of birth helping him to walk the right path, be successful at peace and happy.