Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lessons of Life in Numerology

We all know that Numerology is the study of numbers. Your Date of Birth is by no means an accident. It is in a way a very well executed cosmic plan. In numerological reading the sum of numbers of your birth date and values derived from your name endows us with interrelation of vibrations. These evidently indicate about character, purpose and traits of one’s life. 

Numerology readings also indicate the lessons need to be learned by you as per your date of birth. The Life Path Number sometimes also called as the ruling no. can easily be computed from the date of birth. This truly reflects the real purpose of incarnation and does affect everything from our preferences as well as our complete path of life. 

The Life Path is the Major Lesson to be learned in this life, the Central focus of a person’s existence. The Life Path is at the heart of the core. 

In Numerological reading we try and understand the world in terms of re-incarnation. Simply stated, reincarnation explains that the soul returns to earth in physical form again and again, each time to concentrate on a specific lesson. When the soul has absorbed all the lessons, it no longer needs to return to earth, but can move on to a higher plane. The specific lesson, determined by the soul prior to assuming physical form, is the Life Path. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the Life Path is still the central focus of the life.

In numerology readings the Life Path also called the Birth force, Birth path or Destiny determines other related matters. Astrology numerology explains the prospects available in order to learn the major lesson, as well as the environment - the people and places – in which these prospects are likely to be found. Some of a person’s attitudes and characteristics are determined by the Life Path, for these traits are prescribed as an aid to the study of the main lesson. 

In numerological reading you visualize the Life Path as a broad channel or highway running through all the possible activities a person may encounter in a lifetime. The route holds the environment and all the opportunities for the study at hand. The channel is extremely broad. 

In astrology numerology people with the same Life Path may have different approaches to pursuing their study, but the channel is wide enough to accommodate all. As long as a person stays on the course, he will be contributing the maximum to his own growth and development. Most people wander out of the channel from time to time; some people have difficulty finding the channel and others may choose to head off in some other direction. 

A good numerologist can offer help to you in not only guiding you to learn the right lessons you have incarnated for but also as to how to achieve the same.