Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Know Your Past With Karmic Debts

As per Hinduism, "Karma" literally means "deed" or "act", and more broadly names the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, which Hindus believe governs all consciousness. Karma is not fate, for we act with what can be described as a conditioned free will creating our own destinies. According to the Vedas, if we sow goodness, we will reap goodness; if we sow evil, we will reap evil. Karma refers to the totality of our actions and their concomitant reactions in this and previous lives, all of which determine our future. The conquest of karma lies in intelligent action and dispassionate reaction. Not all karmas rebound immediately. Some accumulate and return unexpectedly in this or other lifetimes. 

Human beings are said to produce karma in four ways. 
  • through thoughts 
  • through words 
  • through actions that we perform ourselves 
  • through actions others perform under our instructions 
Everything that we have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is karma, as is also that which we think, speak or do this very moment. 

Rig Veda indicate that the Rishis may have had the idea, common among small-scale societies around the world, that an individual cycles back and forth between the earth and a heavenly realm of ancestors. The concept of karma first appears strongly in the Bhagvad Gita. The topic of karma is mentioned in the Puranas.

A Karmic Debt means considerable difficulties encountered in this life as compensation for the misappropriation, delinquency of energies in a past life. When present, a Karmic Debt is a very important modifier. 

Karmic debt is not a reprimand but a means of helping people learn lessons. Presence of Karmic debt in a chart is painful in the manner that it requires you to confront past hurts and fears. However, these painful feelings or sensations leave after the debt is paid in full. In reality, karmic debt is a means of helping you replace pain and fear with peace and hope and help your soul to evolve.

The principle of karmic debt complements all religions and philosophies that support the idea of reincarnation. However, to gain benefit from the theory of Karma it's not necessary to believe in reincarnation. In a completely secular sense, one may think of karmic debt as - past actions affect the present. In order to feel more contented and pleased, you must make peace with the past, either by confronting it directly or by making the conscious decision to let it go and move forward with life. 

In calculating the Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge and Birthday, the elements are reduced to a single digit or master number. If the number behind the single digit is a karmic number, the subject has a karmic Debt. The Karmic Numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19.

The Karmic Debt occurs in the Birthday for those born on the 13th 14th, 16th and 19th of any month. 

The Karmic Debt can also be written as 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1. The presence of Karmic Debt in one’s chart indicates that its strong forces will dominate the life. The Debt, caused by misuse of some of person’s forces in a previous existence, can be paid up in this life only by overcoming the strong negative effects of the very same forces. A Karmic Debt is also sometimes called a Testing Number, Warning Number or Hidden Number weighs a person down with negative potential. He must struggle against his own integral nature to pay the debt and balance the account. 

Energies, as you may be aware, can be expressed as continuous stretching from the extreme positive to the extreme negative. Without a Karmic Debt, a person is free to pick the position on the continuum where he chooses to express his energies. However, with the Debt, he is forced to start at the negative extreme. If he is willing to understand the Debt, accept the burden and exert the effort, he can move to a more positive expression of the energy. In that sense, the Karmic Debt might be thought of as a sign of re-enactment or regeneration.

Karma is a debt of the soul which needs to be repaid. Getting a numerological reading done may be the first step to start releasing karmic debts. The readings will help one to understand clearly about the karmic bonds which need to be released. A numerologist provides an understanding and unbiased assessment about behaviours that may be affecting your life.

The Debt is usually evident to the individual, although he will often feel ill-treated by destiny rather than responsible for the special experiences he has to face. If the description of the numerological reading establishes the Debt as an energy which can be transformed by effort and awareness, the reading will serve an important and real purpose. 

With a Karmic Debt present, there is no way one can establish if or when the individual will learn to overcome the substantial obstacles to his progress. Few people with the help of numerology readings prevail over the impediments by young adulthood. Many people keep struggling with the negative emphasis of the Karmic Debt up to the later age. Without fully controlling the handicaps, it is difficult to reach anywhere near the full positive potential. With a Debt present, the positive potential can be thought of as a goal to be reached when the blockages are gone. 

For example someone who has 19/1 Expression, is likely to be so worried with his own wants, desires or so dependent on others that he will have difficulty approaching his managerial and administrative capabilities for achievement and financial reward. Only when the negative 19/1 is understood and overcome can the positive potential develop.

The effect of Karmic Debt is very strong when the Life Path or Expression is involved, less powerful with the Soul Urge, and weaker still with the Birthday.

Many after given a reading tend to concentrate on the negative aspects of delineation. The Karmic Debt is probably the most negative information and must be handled with extreme sensitivity. Do not gloss over the Karmic Debt because it is difficult to express positively. One should try and understand your description of the Debt which will ultimately contribute to the individual’s basic structure and be helpful to him in understanding his impediments and learning to overcome them. 

It is not very surprising that half of human existence have a Karmic Debt. There are, although rare, even a few people with more than two Karmic Debts. 

If there is more than one Debt, that should also be handled in the same manner except that more than one element is modified. If there’s a multiple Debt involving the same number the effect of the Karmic Debt permeates the core along with the negative vibrations of the doubled number. Make sure to express this difficult combination so that the forces can be used constructively.

There is no question that a person’s life shows the significant effect of a Karmic Debt. It is therefore, very clear, that a knowledge and acceptance of a Debt does add to one’s positive development in true sense.