Sunday, 13 October 2013

Life Path Number 22 Master Number Numerology

Life Path 22 is for the ones born under the most dominant and potentially most successful of all life path numbers. 22 are called the Master Builders as they have the amazing qualities to accomplish more than many privileged people in life. They also command plenty of respect by others as they are able to achieve so much with so modest effort. They as a matter of fact face two extreme ends of life. On one end 22 are master builders i.e. capable of setting and achieving anything they like in their life. On the other they, may slip into obscurity and despair feeling overwhelmed because of the belief that they cannot come out of their sink hole. 

22s are visionaries with their feet on the ground. In case they are able to put together their rousing vision and their natural tendency of level-headedness and sensibleness they can do wonders. They are inherently good at business and politics. They are absolutely at ease to understand large institutions and have the capability to think on international scale. You are talented with very good common sense. You are also pretty proficient in evaluating the possibilities of success of any idea on the basis of practicality as you comprehend very well the limitations of ideas. 

You have a huge dream driving you to achieve all that you are capable of. In any relationship you are a dependable, reliable partner, able to maintain your balance, always provide good advice and unfailing emotional support. You are always grounded i.e. your feet are always on the ground and do not normally suffer from low and high emotions. You prefer to appear traditional. Your weakest trait is that you lack faith in ability of others which in a way forces you to control and sometimes manipulate people/situations. Therefore challenge of 22 is to take everybody along and allow others to make their contributions.

You have a very high ambition. You aim to make something so big which changes the history and have indelible mark on this earth. There is absolutely no limit to what you are capable of. As you are blessed with mammoth potential you can really achieve whatever you desire. However, for achieving great success you should be able to understand your powers and make use of the same judiciously and be committed to your goal. There is a strong possibility that you may not take the risks 22 presents and be at ease with limited achievements. This may result in disappointments irritation for not being able to do something big. 

However, in spite of the fact that they have to face number of challenges to achieve something really big it is the master number's duty to somehow give a wholehearted attempt to change the world for the better which is a reward in itself. 

Famous master number 22s include Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Bryan Adams, Marie Curie, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey. 

Many of the famous and rich celebrities ruled by either master number 11 or 22 had to face great hardships before getting recognition and achievements.

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