Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spiritual Meaning of Master Number 11

In Numerology 11 is considered to be the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents enlightenment, nervousness, timidity, and impracticality. It is a dreamer. This master number represents all the characteristics of 2 and signifies magnetism, motivation, Managerial and leadership qualities.

11 is a number that moves on razor sharp edge between prominence and self ruin. It can grow from strength to strength if it accepts with full understanding its intuitive powers and spiritual truths. The stronger vibrations of number 11 direct him to help cure, heal and give unconditional love to everyone like a soul mate. The weaker side of 11 makes him self-centred, giving full attention to himself. Few of 11 become addicted and obsessed, trying to run after the past or emotionally unavailable person throwing away their huge capabilities and achieving nothing. 

As life path 11 one posses excessive energy, potential and intuition which is generally not properly understood early in life. As one grows he realises that he is a nucleus of lot of energy flowing through him. The powerhouse of energy enables to easily get hold of out of the box thinking, different ideas, without much effort. The towering intuitive powers can effortlessly connect with the higher consciousness through which psychic information may flow. This in turn may endows one with great competence for new inventions. History is full of Artists, Prophets and Religious leaders and many other famous personalities of the world who were 11 as master number in their numeroscope. Therefore, 11s are blessed with a specific role to play in their life. As they tend to become self-centred they must strive hard to get rid of this tendency to get extraordinary success in life as well as evolve their soul. The success normally garlands them in their middle age. Till the date of achieving full maturity one should be extremely careful about inner development. As you become aware of your astonishing intuitive powers and spiritual growth you can easily safeguard yourself from confusion, misdirection, emotional turmoil and/or depression. Because of your extra sensitive nature, you become vulnerable to stress which may even lead to breakdown of nervous system. 

Generally 11 Expressions have difficult early days which ideally make middle age full of uncertainty and helplessness. You are very selective about your friends and careful about sharing your feelings with others. You are inclined to daydream more than anybody else. You also tend to live in a imaginative world of yours and find it real hard to separate it from reality. You need to regain your primordial strength, be grounded and live in reality way out of your fantasy world. This certainly would help you draw out-of-the-world ideas, intuitions, and even psychic information which would be in tune with your being powerful channel for higher vibrations. 

A balanced 11 is one of its own kind and remarkable of all people. 

Famous master number 11's including Bill Clinton, Jackie Kennedy, and Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Michael Jordan, Prince Charles, Richard Burton, Robert Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Rose Kennedy.

Anitta Sharma is a renowned Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, Past Life Regression Expert, and a Spiritual Healer. She has over the years through her numerological readings helped hundreds of clients worldwide making their life prosperous, peaceful. Anitta has been blessed with the ability to read names, date of birth and decipher the hidden messages behind past/current events.